NFL Week 8 Picks

NFL Week 8 Record 2-1-0

Computer Picks


Based on the  Bounce System:

Oct 29, 2017     atl-6 over NYJ – L


Personal Picks


10/29 car+1.5 over TB – W

Winston playing hurt and both starting CBs are out for TB. Kuechly back for Car. Car off a poor offensive performance in Chi but bad weather was a factor.

10/29 oak/BUF over 46 – W

Raiders 2 best secondary players are out in Joseph and Amerson. Bills are missing their best corner in Gaines. Their best safety, Poyer is very questionable with a knee. Probable for rain, but no wind.

NCAAF Week 9 Picks

NCAAF Week 9 Record 8-4-1

Computer Picks      5-3-1


Based on the Top10 System:

Oct 27, 2017 Friday   florida st-4 over BOSTON COLLEGE (canceled by Personal Pick)

Oct 28, 2017      usc-3.5 over ARIZONA ST (canceled by Personal  Pick)

Oct 28, 2017      CLEMSON-14 over georgia tech – T

Oct 28, 2017      tennessee+5 over KENTUCKY (canceled by Personal Pick)

Oct 28,2017      MISSISSIPPI-3.5 over arkansas – L

Oct 28, 2017     florida+13.5 over georgia – (overruled by Personal Pick)


Based upon the Emotion System:

Oct 28, 2017     NOTRE DAME-7 over nc state – W


Based upon the Exhaustion System:

Oct 28, 2017     IOWA ST+6.5 over tcu – W


Based upon the Coaching System:

Oct 26, 2017     Thursday     OREGON ST+21 over stanford – W

Oct 28, 2017     GEORGIA SOUTHERN+26 over troy – W

Oct 28, 2017     UTEP+16 over utsa (canceled by Personal Pick) –


Based upon the Caution Total System:

Oct 28, 2017     old dominion / NORTH TEXAS under 61 – L


Based upon Injured D System:

Oct 26, 2017 Thursday     stanford/OREGON ST over 59 – L

Oct 28,2017     california/COLORADO over 51.5 – W



Personal Picks     3-1-0


10/27 Friday     BC+4 over florida st (canceled by Computer Pick)

FSU must be disappointed with nothing to play for at this point. BC continues to improve as the season goes on.  FSU is beat up with 6 out and 12 questionable. Who wants to travel all the way to Boston from Florida to play a football game?


10/28      ARIZONA ST+3.5 over  usc (canceled by Computer Pick)

USC is incredibly beat up with 10 out, 1 doubtful and 10 questionable. Darnold is probable with a bad ankle. ASU seemed to have figured out something on defense and Manny Wilkins is playing better than Sam Darnold.


10/28     KENTUCKY-5 over tennessee (canceled by Computer Pick)

Kentucky finally has the better team. Expect them to be excited to rub it in after losing 31 out of 32 to Tenn. Tenn just suspended their best running back and their QB situation is a mess. They have not scored an offensive touchdown in 14 quarters!


10/28    georgia-13.5 over florida (overrule the Computer Pick) – W

Florida is depleted due to injuries and suspension and have 13 out and 5 questionable. Georgia is rolling with an elite defense that should bottle up the subpar Florida offense. Can Jake Fromm make enough big plays? He has steadily improved and looks like the real deal.


10/28     utsa+16 over UTEP (canceled by Computer Pick) –

UTSA has a top 50 offense while UTEP has a bottom 5 offense. UTSA has underperformed lately so expect a bounce back game. UTEP’s defense is a bottom 20 defense while UTSA has a top 50 defense. I don’t see this one being close. Surprised the spread isn’t 24.

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NFL Week 7 Picks

NFL Week 7 Record 4-2-1

Computer Picks      0-0-1


Based on the Total Bounce System:

dal/SF under 50 – T


Personal Picks      4-2-0


10/19 Thur     kc/OAK over 46.5 – W

Both offenses need to bounce back after very subpar outings. Both teams have well-below average defenses. 2 proven QBs.


10/22     atl+3.5 over NE – L

Super Bowl revenge for Atl. They are actually playing well from a yardage and YPP differential, but not scoring or getting any big plays. This is a bad matchup for NE’s defense as ATL is going to be able to pass and a bad matchup for NE’s offense as ATL is good against the pass.


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NCAAF Week 8 Picks

NCAAF Week 8 Record 5-8-0

Computer Picks     1-2-0


Based on the Exhaustion System:

wake forest+7 over GEORGIA TECH – L

Georgia Tech off a heartbraking loss to Miami in a game they were winning until the last 10 seconds. This is a strong Wake Forest team that hung with Florida St and Clemson and is coming off a bye week which will help preparing for the triple option.


Based on the Top Ten System:

usc+3.5 over NOTRE DAME (overridden by Personal Pick)

UCLA-7 over oregon (canceled by Personal Pick)

ten+34.5 over ALABAMA (canceled by Personal Pick)


Based on the Weak D System:

uab / CHARLOTTE over 50 – L

arizona/CAL over 59 – W


Personal Picks     4-6-0


10/19 Thursday      ul lafayette/ARKANSAS ST over 65 – L

Two teams with poor defenses and pretty good offenses.


10/20 Friday     western kentucky-10 over OLD DOMINION – L

W Kentucky finally got their offense rolling last week, and they have a tradition to uphold offensively.  Expect them to play confidently against one of the worst teams. On top of that W Kentucky has a solid defense and Old Dominion is punchless on offense.


10/21     TEXAS TECH-6 over iowa st – L

Texas Tech angry after blowing 18 point lead to W Virginia. Iowa St 2 weeks removed from big upset over Oklahoma followed by an easy win over hapless Kansas are ripe for a letdown.  Texas Tech has by far the superior QB and running game.


10/21     VIRGINIA TECH-21 over north carolina – W

North Carolina is so beat up with 17 players out and 4 questionable, while Virginia Tech is coming off a bye. Starting Brandon Harris didn’t help and shows how desperate NC is.


10/21     NOTRE DAME-3.5 over usc – W

USC is beat up with 9 out and 10 questionable while Notre Dame is coming off a bye. This will be USC’s 8th game in a row with several come from behind wins including the last one which was a tough game against Utah.

10/21     michigan+9.5 over PENN ST – L

Michigan has a top 5 defense and Harbaugh’s style keeps games close – only 1 loss by more than 7 since he’s been at Michigan. Penn St’s one weakness is their o-line and that’s Michigan’s greatest strength. Might be wise to see if the line moves from +9.5 to +10 as the public will most likely favor the PENN ST offense and heisman candidate Barkley.

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NFL Week 6 Picks

NFL Week 6 Record 1-5-0

Computer Picks      0-2-0


Based on the Bounce System:

Oct 15, 2017     ne-9 over NYJ – L


Based on the Bounce Total System:

Oct 15, 2017     cle/HOU under 47.5 – L


Personal Picks     1-3-0


10/05 Thursday     phi/CAR over 45.5 – W

Newton is on fire hitting over 75% of his passes and 10 YPA his last 2 games. Wentz has better weapons this year and is even better than his rookie season. Phi is still missing it’s best cover corner in Darby, and it’s second round draft pick

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NCAAF Week 7 Picks

NCAAF Week 7 Record 9-5-0

Computer Picks     5-3-0


Based on the Top10 System:


Oct 14, 2017     ucla-1 over ARIZONA (overridden by Personal Pick)

Oct 14, 2017     florida st-7 over DUKE (canceled by Personal Pick)

Oct 14, 2017     michigan-6.5 over INDIANA – W

Oct 14, 2017    TENNESSEE-2.5 over south carolina – L

Oct 14, 2017    USC-13 over utah (canceled by Personal Pick)


Based on the Caution Total System:

Oct 14, 2017     florida st/DUKE under 43 – W

Oct 14, 2017     new mexico st / GEORGIA SOUTHERN under 59.5 – L

Oct 14, 2017     rutgers/ILLINOIS under 48 – L

Oct 14, 2017     byu/MISS ST under 47.5 – W


Based on Coaching System:

Oct 14, 2017    OREGON ST+11 over colorado – W


Based on the Emotion System:

Oct 13, 2017     cal+16.5 over WASH ST – W



Personal Picks     4-2-0


10/14     ARIZONA+1 over ucla (override Computer Pick) – W

ARIZONA loves to run the read option (6.9 YPC, 320 YPG) and UCLA is awful (6.3 YPC, 283 YPG) against the run. Josh Rosen lost his favorite target in tight end Caleb Wilson. UCLA will be defenseless against Arizona. Josh Rosen will have to be perfect on the road without his go-to player.


10/14     utah+13 over USC (canceled by Computer Pick)

USC is too beat up to favored by 13 to a legit conference opponent. 12 players are out including their starting G and T and 3 are questionable.


10/14     DUKE+7 over florida st (canceled by Computer Pick)

Florida St lost a heartbreaker to rival Miami in an exhausting game and is pretty beat up with 13 players questionable. Blackmon as a 3-star true freshman QB has yet to produce.


10/14      ohio st-24 over NEBRASKA – W

ohio st is clicking on all cylinders. Nebraska already fired their Athletic Director so Riley is truly on thin ice.  Oddly enought, the Nebraska sellout crowd should keep Ohio St from sleep-walking thru this one. Urban Meyer is great on the road. Nebraska really has nothing to hurt Ohio St and is mediocre all-around.


10/14     auburn-7 over LSU – L

Not impressed with LSUs win over a depleted Florida team. They still can’t get their offense going, and it is unlikely to get untracked against a very good Auburn defense. Not excited by Auburn’s offensive style either but it should be good enough and Stidham is much better than Etling.

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NFL Week 5 Picks

Week 5 NFL Recored    6-1-2

Computer Picks     4-0-0


Based on the Underrated System:

Oct 08, 2017     MIAMI+1 over ten – W

Oct 08, 2017     bal+3 over OAK – W


Based on the Bounce Total System:

Oct 08, 2017     ten/MIA over 41`.5 (canceled by Personal Pick)

Oct 08, 2017     bal/OAK over 40 – W

Oct 08, 2017     sea/RAMS under 47.5 – W

Oct 08, 2017     kc/HOU under 45 (canceled by Personal Pick)



Personal Picks     2-1-2


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